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What data is Tesla sharing, and with whom?

Tesla does not sell or rent user data to third-party companies.

The company only shares information about users, their products, or how they use them with user approval.

Tesla allows users to control what data they share through the vehicle's touchscreen, enabling them to enable or disable the collection of certain vehicle data such as Autopilot Analytics & Improvements and Road Segment Data Analytics.

Tesla may share limited vehicle information and energy generation, charging, or storage information such as vehicle identification number or home address with government or regulatory agencies if required by the terms of certain programs the user participates in.

Tesla provides California residents the right to access, delete, and opt-out of the sale of their personal data under California privacy laws.

Tesla uses administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect user data, going beyond industry standards to ensure personal data is never sold, tracked, or shared without the owner's permission or knowledge.

Tesla's privacy-first approach allows users to decide what information they want to share and when, putting them in control of their data.

Since 2020, Tesla owners have been able to request a copy of all the data Tesla has collected on their vehicle, giving them full transparency.

Tesla's detailed data privacy approach is designed to ensure that personal data is never used for any purpose without the owner's explicit consent.

The software section in Tesla's cars clearly states that the company does not share user data with anyone under any circumstances, providing a definitive commitment to data privacy.

Tesla's data collection is focused on operational and diagnostic data that enables remote assessment of vehicle health and proactive issue resolution, rather than tracking user behavior or habits.

Tesla's data privacy policies are designed to comply with the strictest data protection regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, ensuring a high level of user data security.

Tesla's approach to data sharing is centered on enabling users to benefit from the company's analysis while maintaining full control over their personal information.

Tesla's data privacy practices have been praised by privacy advocates as a model for the automotive industry, setting a high bar for data protection.

The company's commitment to data privacy is a key part of its overall mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, building trust with its customers.

Tesla's data sharing practices are regularly audited and reviewed to ensure they remain aligned with the company's principles of user privacy and data security.

The Tesla app and online account dashboard provide users with detailed information on what data is being collected and how it is being used, ensuring transparency.

Tesla's data privacy approach is designed to evolve with changing regulations and user expectations, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of data protection practices.

The company's focus on data privacy has been a key factor in its ability to build a loyal customer base that trusts the brand to protect their personal information.

Tesla's data sharing practices are a core part of the company's overall strategy to maintain a high level of customer trust and satisfaction, which is crucial for its long-term success.

The level of detail and transparency Tesla provides around its data sharing practices is unique in the automotive industry, setting a new standard for data privacy in the sector.

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