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How can I troubleshoot issues with exporting search results?

Exporting search results can fail due to permissions issues even for administrators - users need to be granted the specific "eDiscovery Manager" role to be able to export.

There are limits on the number of concurrent and per-user exports allowed, so if too many exports are already running, new requests may fail until the queue clears.

The search result export process can sometimes get stuck or take an excessively long time to complete, requiring users to clear their browser cache, use a different browser, or restart the export.

Imported search result data may not always integrate smoothly with other systems, leading to challenges in the overall export and import workflow.

Differences between the estimated and actual downloaded search result counts can occur, requiring careful reconciliation of the export summary statistics.

Users can selectively export just the reports generated from a search, rather than the full set of search results, to streamline the export process.

Certain file types, such as PST files from email searches, may require specific handling or additional steps to successfully export and import.

Search result exports can fail if the source data is still being indexed or processed, so timing the export correctly is important.

Metadata associated with the search results, like custodian information, may not always transfer accurately during the export process.

Exports from different search platforms, like the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center vs.

Advanced eDiscovery, can have slightly different behaviors and requirements.

Regularly testing the end-to-end export and import workflow, including spot-checking the integrity of the exported data, is crucial for reliable troubleshooting.

Automated scripts or tools may be necessary to handle large-scale or complex search result exports, rather than relying solely on the native export functionality.

Detailed logging and error reporting from the export process can provide valuable clues for diagnosing and resolving issues.

Some search platforms offer features like export "resumability" to handle interruptions or failures during the export operation.

Compatibility between the search platform's export format and the intended downstream system's import capabilities is a critical factor to consider.

The age or version of the search platform can impact the available export options and troubleshooting approaches.

Network connectivity, bandwidth, and storage capacity constraints can all contribute to problems with large search result exports.

Organizational data governance policies may impose additional restrictions or requirements on the search result export process.

Staying up-to-date with the latest platform updates and release notes can help identify any new export-related features or bug fixes.

eDiscovery, legal research and legal memo creation - ready to be sent to your counterparty? Get it done in a heartbeat with AI. (Get started for free)